Stroke – Can a stroke cause cataracts?

A stroke occurs when your brain is deprived of oxygen. If a stroke affects the parts of your brain that are responsible for interpreting and processing visual information, it’s likely that your vision will be affected as a result. You may experience double/blurry vision, visual field loss, or your brain may struggle to process images. These symptoms may only last for a few months, but unfortunately, in some cases, they can be permanent. This will depend on factors such as the type, severity and duration of your stoke and the parts of your brain it affected. 

The Stroke Association states that around two thirds of people who suffer a stroke have issues with their vision afterwards. However, there’s no evidence to suggest a link between having a stroke and developing cataracts. 

If you’re experiencing issues with your vision after a stroke, you can contact the Stroke Association for support and information. 

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