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Patient Transport Service

Most of our cataract patients rely on their family, friends or neighbours to drive them to and from their appointments – or arrange taxis if they live close by – but we know that sometimes this isn’t always possible, and we’re delighted to offer a free door-to-door patient transport service for those who need it, based on your location and other criteria. 

Our dedicated team of patient drivers have lots of experience when it comes to putting patients at ease and you can rest-assured you’ll be in safe hands and enjoy a smooth journey!

Our transport service is designed with you in mind. Our expert drivers know how to make you feel at home and will ensure you have a smooth journey. You can even bring a loved one or carer with you on the minibus.

SpaMedica patient transport vehicle

Supporting you on your journey

When you receive your appointment letter, it will include details of your proposed pick-up and drop-off times and your driver will also call you the evening before your appointment to confirm arrangements. Our patient drivers always do their best to arrive at the agreed pick-up and drop-off times – traffic permitting – and will let you know if anything changes on the day.  

You’ll be transported to SpaMedica in one of our special minibuses and we’ll do our best to make your journey as comfortable as possible, including factoring in time for bathroom breaks if required. It’s likely your driver will stop to pick up some other patients on the way, so you will be able to chat to other people who are in the same boat (or minibus!) as you. Our drivers will also be happy to answer any questions you have.   

After your appointment, your driver will collect you from the reception area at the agreed time and take you back home, where you can put your feet up. 

Happy Spamedica Patient Driver stood in front of a SpaMedica Patient Transport van

How do I book SpaMedica’s free transport service? 

When your optician refers you to SpaMedica, they’ll ask you if you require our free transport service. All you need to do is say “yes” or “no” and they will tick the relevant box on your referral form.

To be eligible for free transport, you must live more than 10 miles away from your chosen hospital. Unless you are receiving treatment at our Wakefield, Worcester, Leeds, Bradford or Bristol hospital – in which there are no mileage restrictions. If you would like to check whether you are eligible for free transport, you can also contact our referrals team to see if you meet the criteria.

Does patient transport have any impact on waiting times for surgery? 

We have a team of 60 patient drivers covering every corner of the country but, as you can imagine, our transport service is in high demand, and we receive hundreds of new requests each week!   

On average, SpaMedica offers appointments within four weeks from your referral date. If you opt to use our free transport service, you should expect to wait a few weeks longer for your first appointment.  

We’re always aiming to improve our transport waiting times and ensure all our patients are seen as quickly as possible and, for many of our patients, the benefits of using our transport service far outweigh the short wait involved, as SpaMedica’s patients are still seen and treated more quickly than they would be at many other hospitals.   

Sign reading SpaMedica Patient Rating 5 stars

What do our patients say about our transport service?

“From getting into transport at home to getting out afterwards, I could fault nothing.”
“I was treated by everyone, from transport to operation, with the most professional treatment you could ever wish for, making me very relaxed.”
“I opted for the supplied transport. The driver was very helpful; an enjoyable experience all round.”
“The transport provision was invaluable.”

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