Freedom Vision - private cataract surgery

SpaMedica specialises in NHS cataract surgery, which is provided to patients free of charge. 

We also offer private cataract surgery under a different name – Freedom Vision.


Lens choices

If you pay for your cataract surgery privately, you won’t need a referral and you’ll be able to choose lens options that aren’t available as an NHS patient, including:   

  • Enhanced monofocal lenses, which give you a greater range and depth of vision than standard monofocal lenses  
  • Toric lenses, which are especially designed to correct astigmatism (curvature of the cornea that requires additional correction, separate to correcting long or short sightedness).   
  • Multifocal lenses, which allow the eye to focus on near, intermediate and distant objects and therefore increase your chances of being glasses-free after cataract surgery.   

If you’re interested in learning more about private cataract surgery, you can visit our private patient website at Freedom Vision.