Sleep – Can you sleep on your side after cataract surgery?

Sleep is an essential part of any healing process and healing from cataract surgery is no different. You should try to avoid sleeping on your side while you’re recovering from surgery. 

After your cataract surgery, you’ll be provided with an eye shield to protect your eye from dust, grime and anything else that could irritate your eye or cause infection. Sleeping on your back instead of your side can reduce the possibility of your eye shield slipping while you’re wearing it overnight. 

You can discard your eye shield the morning after your cataract surgery, but it’s still advisable to sleep on your back for a couple of weeks so your eye doesn’t come into contact with your pillow and pick up any particles from it. This will help your eye to heal and reduce the risk of infection. 

If you struggle to sleep on your back, we suggest sleeping on the opposite side to the eye you had your cataract surgery on. 

Although complications following cataract surgery are rare, dust, liquid and other particulates can cause serious infection, so it’s important to stick to the instructions that your surgeon gives to you following your surgery. Following the advice that you’re given will reduce the risk of infection or any other post cataract surgery issues. 

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