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  • SpaMedica consultant ophthalmologist focusing during a surgery

    SpaMedica Marks Cataract Awareness Month

    01 / 06 / 23

    SpaMedica is the UK’s largest provider of NHS cataract surgery and to mark Cataract Awareness Month, we’ll be explaining what cataracts are, how they can affect people’s day-to-day lives, and the benefits of having cataract surgery.  What are cataracts?  Cataracts are one of the most common causes of…

  • Amit Lynsey

    Looking out for his colleague: observant Amit’s rapid action helps Lynsey avoid serious sight damage

    23 / 03 / 23

    Senior optometrist Amit Nakum is committed to providing high quality care for patients at SpaMedica in Chelmsford, yet it was colleague Lynsey Chapman who benefited from his expertise when he noticed her worsening eye condition – and potentially saved her sight from permanent damage. Patient co-ordinator Lynsey, from…

  • How to reduce eye strain

    How to reduce eye strain when working with a computer

    03 / 03 / 23

    Computer screens, tablets, mobile phones, TVs – you name it, it’s got a screen. These days it feels like our entire lives are dominated by screen time, and that’s been leading to an increase in cases of digital eye strain.  In fact, recent research sponsored by The Vision…

  • Senior man holding an magnifying glass he uses to help him read because he suffers from Wet Macular Degeneration.

    AMD Awareness Month: Understanding and Managing Age-Related Macular Degeneration

    01 / 02 / 23

    Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is one of the main causes of sight loss in older adults. This February, to mark AMD Awareness Month, we’re sharing some important information about the condition, which affects over 600,000 people in the UK.   What is AMD?  AMD is an eye disease that…

  • Does Alcohol Cause Cataracts

    Does alcohol affect cataracts?

    03 / 01 / 23

    Alcohol is often cited as being one of the main potential causes of cataracts, but there is some conflicting evidence out there on the Internet. That can make it hard to know what to believe. If you’re concerned about whether alcohol affects cataracts, you’re not alone. Drinking alcohol…

  • patient having eye tested by optometrist

    The cost-of-living crisis and its impact on eye health

    16 / 12 / 22

    This winter, many of us will be feeling the effects of the cost-of-living crisis. With energy, food, fuel and mortgage costs on the rise, it comes as no surprise that in September 2022, 87% of UK households reported that their cost of living had gone up from the…

  • Image of a futuristic eye

    Hallucinations – a common (but surprising!) side effect of vision loss

    16 / 12 / 22

    On 16th November, people from across the UK came together to mark Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS) Awareness Day and shine a spotlight on the condition, which is a relatively common symptom of vision loss, but one that’s rarely talked about.   Up to 50% of people with severe vision loss…

  • Senior patient checking vision with special eye equipment

    Top tips for looking after your eyes

    13 / 12 / 22

    Here are our top eye health tips to make sure your eyes stay in excellent condition all year round:  Visit your optician for an eye test every two years – eye tests are a great way of determining whether you need glasses or not, establishing the overall health…

  • Blurred lights to represent vision with cataracts

    What does vision look like with cataracts?

    26 / 10 / 22

    If you or a loved one are concerned about developing cataracts then it’s natural to have a few questions about them. Despite how common they are among the elderly, cataracts continue to be a mystery for a lot of people. So, why do cataracts happen? Can they be…

  • Close up image of colourful eye

    What are the 3 types of cataracts?

    13 / 10 / 22

    Cataracts are a highly common condition and occur naturally. In spite of this, you might not know exactly what they are and how they affect the eye. Read on if you want to know: What are cataracts and why do they appear? What are the symptoms of cataracts?…

  • An eye looking straight on

    What happens if there are complications during my cataract surgery?

    13 / 06 / 22

    A lot of our patients are nervous about having cataract surgery. It’s not uncommon for them to put it off for as long as possible, even if cataracts are affecting their ability to do the things they love, because they’re worried about what’s involved, or what happens if…

  • A multi-coloured futuristic representation of an eye

    Technology and the impact it has on our eyes

    13 / 06 / 22

    It’s hard for a day to pass without the use of an electronic device. Whether it’s a computer, mobile or tablet,  we’ve never been more reliant on technology and whilst these devices are seen as vital to modern living, there have been many reports of the negative impacts…