Quality of care

We take pride in consistently delivering the highest quality care across all our hospitals. Our teams are committed to following best practice guidelines and continually assessing and improving our services to deliver the best possible results to our patients.  

We regularly invite our patients to provide feedback to help us monitor our performance. This feedback is reviewed by senior leaders and used to inform our action plans, ensuring a programme of continuous improvement. 

SpaMedica is committed to implementing excellent clinical and professional standards across every area of our business. We recruit people with the best skills and experience to ensure we deliver the best care we can. We regularly review and monitor people skills and provide ongoing training to achieve high levels of performance across all our teams. 

Our staff are encouraged to be open and honest and report any issues, no matter how minor, so we can carry out a full review and the outcomes are shared to develop best practice across all teams and sites. 

2023/24 Quality Account

Our Quality Account is a report about the quality of our SpaMedica services. 

Quality Accounts are published annually by each NHS healthcare provider and are available to the public. These reports are an important way for local NHS services to report on quality and show improvements in the services they deliver to local communities and stakeholders. 

The quality of our service is measured by looking at patient safety, the effectiveness of treatments patients receive, and patient feedback about the care provided. 

You can download and view our Quality Account by clicking the button below. Please contact us if you would like a printed version of this. 

2023/24 Quality Account
A smiling SpaMedica patient being helped back to the waiting room by a SpaMedica employee after undergoing cataract surgery
A smiling SpaMedica patient being helped back to the waiting room by a SpaMedica employee after undergoing cataract surgery

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Clinical outcomes
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Were you happy with your overall experience at SpaMedica?

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In all my dealings with SpaMedica the staff have been warm and approachable whilst maintaining a high level of professionalism and care. Even though surgery of any kind is always a little scary I felt that the surgeons went out of their way to make it as comfortable as possible including indicating what they were doing where they could as the operation progressed. In addition to all this, cleanliness throughout the building is first class and it is obvious that they take infection control very seriously. All in all I felt in safe hands and I have no hesitation in recommending SpaMedica.