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SpaMedica’s surgeries are carried out by consultant surgeons.

Consultants are senior doctors that have completed extensive medical training in a specialist area of medicine (in this case, ophthalmology) and are listed on the General Medical Council’s specialist register. It takes around six to eight years to become a consultant, so you can rest assured your surgeon is very experienced and excellent at what they do. That’s why SpaMedica has some of the lowest complication rates nationally – just 0.46% of our patients experience the most common complication of cataract surgery.

Our consultants also undergo a continuous training and professional development programme that helps to ensure they stay up to date with best practice.

We regularly evaluate the performance of our consultants and monitor treatment complication rates, visual outcomes, and patient feedback to ensure our patients feel well looked-after during their surgery and benefit from excellent surgical outcomes.

Yes, your consultant will come and introduce themselves on the day of your surgery, check your details, and explain what’s going to happen next. You can ask the consultant any questions you have and they’ll make sure you’re OK with everything before taking you through to surgery. 

Our consultants have very busy schedules and work across several hospitals so, unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that you’ll have the same surgeon for both operations, although we try to give our patients continuity of care whenever we can. 

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