Eye drops – How long do you use eyedrops for after cataract surgery?

You’ll be given some eye drops to use after your cataract surgery, which are an important part of your after-care. You’ll also be given an eye shield to wear, which you should keep on overnight and then remove the next morning. 

You’ll usually be advised to start your course of eye drops the morning after your cataract surgery. Dry and gritty eyes are a common after-effect of cataract surgery. The eye drops you’re given will help to keep these symptoms at bay by keeping your eye lubricated. They’ll also help to reduce the risk of infection following your cataract surgery. 

If you suffered from dry eyes prior to your cataract surgery, it’s still fine to take your artificial ‘teardrop’ eye drops, as normal. Just make sure that you leave at least 5 minutes between using each type of eye drop. It doesn’t matter which order you use your eye drops in. 

Generally, you’ll be provided with enough eye drops to last you for four weeks, and should continue using them until you run out. If you run out before the four weeks is up, then your GP will usually provide you with additional eye drops. 

The most important thing following cataract surgery is to keep your eye clean and free from infection, so it’s essential that you use your eye drops as directed, and avoid rubbing or touching your eye. 

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