Optometrists Boots

SpaMedica works in partnership with thousands of optometrists to deliver excellent care and support to each of our patients. We have a proven track record as a specialist provider of ophthalmology services, providing NHS cataract surgery and YAG Capsulotomy and we are now the largest NHS cataract surgery provider in the UK.

We’re dedicated to drastically reducing waiting times for patients by working together with community optometrists enrolled in our cataract post-operative accreditation scheme. By working together we can provide great eye care and ultimately improve our patients’ quality of life.

We have more than 4,000 optometrists working with us within our ‘SpaMedica Accredited Partner Programme’ for cataract treatment, with over 70% of post-op assessments conducted by our community optometrist partners. A major benefit of our programme is the sharing of patient outcomes and feedback, which reflect the high standard of care and support we are delivering together. SpaMedica is registered with the General Optical Council (GOC) as a CPD provider and you’ll also receive two CPD points for attending our SpaMedica Cataract Post-op Accreditation session.

We’re also dedicated to providing expert advice and support to community optometrists on cataracts, YAG capsulotomy and AMD. Please contact us Service Promotion Executives to discuss any queries you may have on symptoms, treatments, surgery, our accreditation scheme and/or the referral process.