Making a Referral

Please follow your local CCG protocol/pathway regarding NHS patient referrals – we accept direct referrals by secure email, fax and post. Please call us if you would like any further information regarding making a referral to SpaMedica.

Referral Process

If referring on an existing platform please select SpaMedica from drop down field.

We are unable to treat the following patients:

  • Patients with severe head tremor at rest. Mild head movements can be listed.
  • Patients with extreme claustrophobia who are unable to lie with a drape over their face for surgery.
  • Patients with severe dementia.
  • Patients with severe learning difficulties.
  • Epileptics who have more than one grand mal seizure per month.
  • Patients that require sub-speciality co-management, e.g. recurrent uveitis, brittle or end stage glaucoma.
  • Patients requiring a hoist to transfer.
  • Patients with a defibrillating pace maker capable of delivering a shock to the patient.
  • Patients deemed best seen under general anaesthetic, for the patients best welfare.

Referral Form

Your referral form should include:

  • SpaMedica hospital location
  • SpaMedica free transport if required for patients who are mobile and require limited assistance

Direct Referrals

Where the e-referral service is not available, we accept written referrals by secure email and fax and post, as below:

  • Secure fax: 01204 441340
  • Secure email: [email protected]
  • Secure email: Please note – emails are only secure/confidential if sent from a NHS email address. All optometrists can apply for a NHS email – please click here for more info.
  • By post: SpaMedica Referrals, SpaMedica House, 43 Churchgate, Bolton BL1 1HU