14th September 2021
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SpaMedica recruitment milestone represents 900% growth in five years

A patient coordinator who recently joined our Wokingham hospital has been celebrated for helping SpaMedica reach a significant milestone.

Gagandip Grewal was the centre of attention as she was unveiled as our 1000th employee at a surprise ceremony. Her appointment represents a growth in our employee headcount of 900% in just five years!

Gagandip, who was presented with flowers and chocolates by the directors, was unaware her recruitment represented such a significant moment in SpaMedica’s history. She was celebrating her own milestone too – reaching 50 this year and winning the role after redundancy from a 26-year career in banking.

She explains: “I’ve only ever had one other job in my life, working at a high street bank for 26 years. When the branch closed its doors, I made the hard decision to accept redundancy. On my last day, I attended my interview with SpaMedica, because I was determined to find work and I believed I had a lot to offer in a customer care role.

“Around a week later, I received a letter through the post confirming my redundancy, and later that very same day I got the call offering me the job at SpaMedica, so it seemed like it was meant to be – the end of one chapter and the beginning of the next. I was so happy.”

As part of our 1000th employee landmark, SpaMedica pledged £1,000 to eye health charity, the Macular Society, and is match-funding money raised by their teams across their 37 hospitals.

Although a relative newcomer to the company, Gagandip has her sights set on furthering her career.

She adds: “I’m loving it here. The team is just fantastic, and they’re already like a family. While it’s busy, it’s very well-organised and provides a seamless service to patients. Plus, the computer systems are fast, not like in banking when they were always crashing! It’s just a great set up. I have aspirations to progress, but I know I need to give myself some time, as there’s a lot to learn.”

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