17th March 2021
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SpaMedica expands its cataract surgery training programmes for NHS doctors across England

As the UK’s largest NHS cataract surgery provider, SpaMedica is committed to playing a pivotal role in NHS cataract surgery training, sharing their expertise and knowledge with trainee surgeons.

They have invested in the development of three new regional training centres, as well as a mobile training facility, to ensure that their free training is easily accessible to all 13 NHS deaneries and their trainee doctors.

SpaMedica has 23 hospitals across England, each providing cataract surgery to thousands of NHS patients each year. Unlike some other providers, SpaMedica has developed processes to provide cataract surgery to all patients, both complex and low-risk, with their patient risk stratification methodology and specialist VR surgeon lists. They also manage any patient post-op complications within their hospitals, with a 24/7 patient emergency helpline and 24/7 emergency care protocols in place, helping to ease the burden from local NHS hospitals.

“Excellence in education and training are fundamental to supporting the future of ophthalmic surgery in the NHS and ensuring that the highest standards of patient care are achieved,” said Dr Alex Silvester, Medical Director at SpaMedica. “We have developed our extensive training programme to support future surgeons to become proficient in cataract surgery and patient care.

“We are working in partnership with CCGs and Trusts to support the treatment and care of their cataract patients, as well as offering training for their doctors. Trainees can practise and refine their cataract surgery techniques using synthetic model eyes in digital dry labs that replicate the feel, texture and characteristics of a human eye with cataracts, using the same microscopes and phacoemulsification equipment used in theatres.

“We believe that our education and training will help drive improved quality and outcomes for NHS cataract surgery patients across England.”

SpaMedica launched their cataract surgery training programme to NHS doctors in the North West in 2019 and have seen positive results and feedback from delegates. The facilities also offer practice sessions for doctors wanting to refresh or improve their skills.

SpaMedica now has training centres in the North East, North West, Midlands and South of England. In addition to their four training centres they also offer a mobile ‘pop-up’ training facility that can be used to deliver training to any doctors based in more remote locations.

SpaMedica is currently working with contracted CCGs and the Royal College of Ophthalmologists on the training structure and roll-out of their educational programme and is now taking bookings to register doctors for training.

Please call the SpaMedica team on 0330 058 4280 or email [email protected] for further details.

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