Surgery – What happens if cataracts are left untreated?

In short, if you don’t get cataract surgery, it’s highly likely that you’ll eventually go blind. 

Age-related cataracts are caused by a breakdown, and ensuing build-up, of protein in the eye’s natural lens(es). These broken down proteins will begin to deposit in the eye’s lens, causing a, cloudy, opaque glazing that – may not be noticeable at first, in fact, it may be some years before they become developed enough to cause you any problems – will eventually completely impair you vision and leave you blind in the eye that has been affected. 

Should you get cataracts in both of your eyes, as many people do, then, if left untreated, your cataracts will entirely rob you of your sight and leave you completely blind. 

Don’t worry, though, cataracts surgery is quick, painless, the most commonly performed surgery in the UK today, and… it’s also available on the NHS, so there is no reason for you to need to leave your cataracts untreated and not get the necessary surgery to fix your vision and enable you to see properly again. 

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