30th May 2022
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Quality of cataract care at SpaMedica endorsed, with over 99.5% of patients complication-free, surpassing national average

Latest audit from Royal College of Ophthalmologists confirms high quality treatment across SpaMedica’s 40 hospitals.

The fifth National Ophthalmology Database (NOD) Audit, which assesses quality of cataract care, has once again reported that SpaMedica has complication rates well below the national average, at just 0.47%, endorsing the high-quality treatment offered across the company’s 40 hospitals.

Released on 24 May 2022 and covering 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021, the report demonstrates that patients receiving care from SpaMedica are almost half as likely to experience issues with their cataract surgery, given a national PCR1 rate of 0.91%.

Dr Alex Silvester, SpaMedica’s medical director, said: “It’s hugely positive that the report shows that overall cataract surgery complication rates are dropping, and patients can be reassured that over 99% of surgeries are straightforward.

“For extra peace of mind, at SpaMedica we risk assess every patient to determine if complications may arise. If they are considered at increased risk due to their past medical history, they are put under the care of a specialist team. All of our operations are carried out by consultant surgeons, who are able to correct most complications during the procedure, should the need arise.”

SpaMedica was the first independent eye care provider to participate in the audit, which is compiled by the Royal College of Ophthalmologists.

The audit found that the number of cataract surgeries performed in England reduced by 46% because of COVID-19, from 456,000 in 2019/20 to 246,000 in 2020/21, exacerbating the backlog of people requiring cataract care.

SpaMedica CEO Richard Woodward added: “We’re honoured to be helping ease the burden on the NHS by offering appointments within an average of four weeks of referral. We know this short waiting time makes a huge difference for people with cataracts, who are among the most isolated in our society due to their vision loss.

“We have submitted data to this audit since 2016 because we believe transparency on the outcomes of cataract surgery is crucial, helping patients and referrers make informed decisions about treatment options.”

The audit also highlighted how, based on pre-operative assessment, people living in deprived areas were found to have more severe vision loss, which points to issues with education and access to eye health services.

This is being addressed by SpaMedica through its free door-to-door transport service, which has expanded in the past 12 months. The service provides options for patients who may otherwise struggle to make it to a hospital for much-needed surgery.

SpaMedica is committed to providing outstanding cataract treatment as soon as possible, and has over 7,200 five-star reviews on NHS Choices, demonstrating the value patients place on the service.

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