12th November 2022
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Patient turns employee after being ‘blown away’ by ‘amazing’ experience at eye hospital

Gaynor is now on the other side of the desk as a Patient Co-ordinator, following her NHS cataract surgery at SpaMedica

Newcastle-under-Lyme resident Gaynor Price was so impressed with the ‘amazing service’ offered to her when attending her local SpaMedica eye hospital that she applied for a job there – and now provides new patients with the same high standard of personalised care she received herself.  

Gaynor attended SpaMedica Newcastle-under-Lyme for NHS cataract surgery after being referred by her optician. She was struggling to see objects at a distance, even while wearing her glasses, and driving at night had become difficult. 

She says: “I’m in my fifties, which is relatively young for cataract surgery. I was surprised at being referred but pleased to be getting the problem sorted, and relieved at not having to wait very long. As soon as I walked through the door at the clinic, I was made to feel like the number one priority, and was blown away by the level of service.” 

After successful treatment on both eyes – which has ‘absolutely changed her life for the better’ – Gaynor saw a Patient Co-ordinator role advertised at the hospital. She had previously spent 20 years working in accounts before being made redundant. 

She explains: “As soon as I saw the job advert, I knew I had to apply. I was nervous but optimistic during my interview, then thrilled to be offered the role soon afterwards.  

“From day one, I felt I could really help the patients with my own ‘lived experience’, as they say. Patients say it’s really reassuring to hear from someone who’s been through cataract surgery and can tell them there’s nothing to worry about. 

“I’m really enjoying seeing the clinic from ‘the other side’ as an employee – how it runs day-to-day and the impact each decision has for every patient. It’s an honour to hear them say how special they have felt in the clinic.  

“I love being busy – I’m a mum of three daughters, and have a grandson – and the environment at SpaMedica suits me to a tee. But what makes me really love the job is the way I feel valued by my managers, Lisa and Clare. Their support has been the best I’ve ever had and the care and compassion they encourage you to give to the patients is second to none. 

“Every one of my colleagues has helped me, whether through offering their knowledge or just by welcoming me into the team with such excitement. It’s lovely to watch other newcomers start and to support them myself now too.” 

Hospital manager at SpaMedica Newcastle-under-Lyme, Lisa Moors, says: “Gaynor is a fantastic addition to our team. She’s a natural at putting patients at ease, and they love hearing from someone who’s had the experience themselves.  

“Some patients who come to us are quite nervous – they might have some misconceptions about the treatment, or be worried as they’ve never had surgery before. Gaynor can tell them first-hand how quick and straightforward the procedure is, not to mention the positive impact it has on life afterwards.  

“We pride ourselves on offering personalised care and making patients feel special, with over 99% saying they would recommend us to their own friends and family. Gaynor is a great asset in helping us provide our dedicated service.” 

SpaMedica has 43 hospitals across England and supports thousands of NHS patients like Gaynor every week. Its expert team is dedicated to delivering the highest quality care, while helping to reduce NHS cataract surgery waiting times, with appointments available within just four weeks. 

Cataract surgery is the most common operation performed today in the UK, with around 450,000 surgeries taking place each year.  

Cataracts Symptoms 

You may experience one or more of the following symptoms if you have cataracts: 

  • A decrease in vision clarity that can’t be corrected with glasses
  • Colours appear faded or washed out, sometimes with a yellow haze
  • Sensitivity to light, glare, and seeing halos around lights
  • Frequent changes to glasses or contact lens prescriptions

It’s best to see an optician if you think you have cataracts. They will perform a thorough eye check and will be able to refer you for treatment if needed. 

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