15th November 2023
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Cricket fan Tony credits cataract surgery at SpaMedica with improving his mental health

A retired businessman from Derbyshire says his wellbeing and ‘every aspect of life’ has been transformed following NHS cataract surgery.

Tony Mills, 65, from Crich, had experienced ‘changing’ eyesight for several years and took drops for ocular hypertension. Yet he noticed that his eyes were deteriorating further, and following a visit to Sumpton Opticians in Ilkeston, he was referred to SpaMedica in Derby for cataract surgery – and had treatment just two weeks later.

Tony explains: “I’d had issues with my eyes for a while – I had regular eye appointments and my lens prescriptions changed all the time; I had so many pairs of glasses. And I’d ended up with what I called ‘a reading eye’ and ‘a seeing eye’, but I’d got used to it I suppose. Then I noticed that things were getting worse. I enjoy walking, and I’d occasionally stumble when out and about, or I’d miss the bottom step. Driving at dusk became difficult.

“I was advised by my optician that I needed treatment for a cataract in my right eye – he said I could choose which hospital to be treated at, explaining that SpaMedica in Derby was the closest option and that waiting times there were much lower than average. He referred me to SpaMedica and within a week I’d been contacted by the hospital and booked in for my pre-operative assessment the very next day!”

Tony’s treatment was then confirmed for the following week, a fortnight on from his initial referral, with an appointment for surgery on his left eye made soon after – meaning both eyes were treated within five weeks.

“My optometrist told me that in ‘layman’s terms’ my vision is now slightly better than 20/20 – I’ll take that! It’s only now when I look back at life pre-surgery that I realise how my eyesight was impacting on everything.

“Now, there’s no stress anymore, and it’s wonderful. My wife and I have a touring caravan and I realised that I used to get really stressed before we took it anywhere, because of how my vision was affected.

“We’re lucky to live in a beautiful part of the world, high upon a hill in Derbyshire, and the views from the house are stunning – now I can actually enjoy them properly and everything’s so much brighter. I went to a one-day cricket match at Trent Bridge recently and I could see the ball for the first time in years! And my cooking tastes much better than it used to, as I can see what I’m doing properly.”

Tony says the ‘precise’ and ‘kind’ treatment he received from the staff at SpaMedica means he is recommending the experience to everyone.

“I am running out of people to tell my story to, of how fantastic the service was, and the great care and attention given to each patient. The staff knew all about my eye history and my health, and I was treated by the same surgeon each time, which was great. The care is so precise and considered – I cannot rate it highly enough.”

Hospital manager at SpaMedica Derby, Kerrie Bates, said: “It’s wonderful to hear stories like Tony’s, showing how much of an impact cataract surgery can have on patients’ lives. As he said, it’s not just about eye health, it’s about mental health and increased wellbeing. Treatment gives patients their independence back too, as they can drive again and get around more, visit friends and family and so on. The benefits are huge.

“We’re very proud of the great feedback we receive – SpaMedica has thousands of similar patient reviews to Tony’s, and they’re testament to the fantastic work of the team here at Derby and at all of our hospitals. We treat every patient like they’re part of the family, making sure they feel at ease, receive personalised service and the highest quality care– so they can get back to living their lives as soon as possible.”

35 of SpaMedica’s hospitals nationwide have been inspected by the Care Quality Commission, with 13 achieving an ‘Outstanding’ rating and 22 hospitals securing a ‘Good’ rating, reinforcing the company’s reputation as a provider of choice for thousands of patients across the country.

If you think you have cataracts it’s best to see your optician. They will perform a thorough eye check and will be able to refer you for treatment if needed. In England patients can choose which provider they have cataract surgery with. For further details on how to get a referral, please visit: https://www.spamedica.co.uk/patient-journey/getting-a-referral-to-spamedica/

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