20th October 2022
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Cheshire resident ‘beyond grateful’ to cataract surgeon who restored her sight – and made vital tumour referral

A retiree from Cheshire is paying tribute to a Newcastle-Under-Lyme ophthalmic surgeon, who spotted mystery lumps on her eyes and took immediate action to help secure a diagnosis.

Marion Taylor, aged 79, is now embarking upon treatment for the growth, after a biopsy at Leighton Hospital. The former administrator was attending a pre-assessment clinic at SpaMedica in Newcastle-under-Lyme for cataract surgery, when a consultant surgeon was asked to examine her eyes and noticed the lumps.

Following the find, the surgeon contacted Marion’s GP to share his concerns. In a matter of days, Marion was examined. The results, received at the end of July, mean she will now undergo treatment at a specialist clinic at Salford Royal hospital.

Marion said: “The good news is that I’m told the tumour is tiny, so it’s been caught in time. What puzzles me is that the lumps have been there for two or three years, easily, and I’ve had eye tests where they hadn’t been flagged as an issue. I just thought it was old age, and it wasn’t affecting my sight, so I left it. It was only when I went to SpaMedica that the surgeon noticed and advised me to see my doctor.

“It’s amazing that he contacted my doctor on that day and made a referral for me. It was all very quick. He has done me a very good deed and I’m beyond grateful. Hopefully once this treatment is complete, it will be the end of my health issues.”

Although apprehensive of the road ahead, Marion is embracing her new-found sight as a result of cataract surgery on both eyes with SpaMedica.

She explains: “I’d been told by my optician that I was developing cataracts around three years ago. I knew I had a problem and I started avoiding the motorway and driving at night. I had to give up reading too, which I love, so that upset me greatly. I’ve always worn reading glasses, but they were just not working anymore.”

In May 2021, Marion underwent her first cataract surgery: “That experience was wonderful. Whilst the procedure was being carried out, I saw a kaleidoscope of colour, it was beautiful. I had clarity and brighter colour immediately when I left the theatre.

“When my second eye was treated, I realised how bad my vision had become. I can see the words on the TV now, which were impossible to read before.”

The tumour scare comes after a year plagued by family health issues, which includes the death of Marion’s husband from lung cancer in February.

“This year has been horrendous”, Marion says. “It’s the little things you notice when you lose someone. My husband would have been with me for the surgery, driven me to the hospital, looked after me, and now I am doing it alone. But I am appreciative to the SpaMedica team, who have not only given me back my sight, but they have looked after me so well.”

While some NHS patients are waiting months for cataract surgery, Marion received treatment within weeks at SpaMedica in Newcastle-Under-Lyme. Over 99% of SpaMedica patients say they would recommend the company to friends and family, and Marion is among them.

“I tell people, cataract surgery at SpaMedica is absolutely marvellous. You don’t need to worry about any pain, and from the moment you arrive they make you feel like part of the family.”

SpaMedica has 37 hospitals across England, with thousands of NHS patients being treated every month.

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