13th October 2018
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Cataract patient Phil Gregson shares his experiences of surgery at SpaMedica Bolton

We met with Mr Gregson to ask him a few questions at his post-operative appointment following cataract surgery on his right eye. Phil, a bank worker from Manchester, is also hoping to have surgery to correct his vision in his left eye. Here’s what he had to say about his experiences at SpaMedica Bolton:

Can you describe what your vision was like prior to surgery?

“I had a cataract in my right eye, quite an aggressive one. I could hardly see. I could see light and dark but it was very aggressive and very quick to form – so I was virtually one eyed if you like.”

How was your right eye following surgery?

“This eye’s great, although I still need glasses. This eye (left) is showing me a different colour when I shut this eye (right). One’s yellow and one’s beautifully clear.

“If you need any input as to what I think about the treatment I’ve had, I think this place is wonderful, I really do. It’s been really good from coming in downstairs to even getting here (post-op), it’s been smashing!”

How did you find the surgery?

“It was good. I mean you can’t say surgery was great. It was good, it was far simpler and less invasive than I thought it was going to be. You have these ideas that they’re going to stick a syringe in your eye. I’ve told lots of people since – I work in the bank and a lot of my regular customers, the older people, have got cataracts, but they say they are afraid to go because they don’t want the needle in the eye. So, I just tell them, it’s nothing like that, it’s a tablet under the eyelid and that’s it!

“I was just glad I could come here because I don’t drive anymore but it’s on the bus route. So I was glad I could come here and not have to go to the hospital, Bolton Eye Hospital, because to get there it’s either a taxi or two buses I think. So, I’m very pleased.”

Did you ask about our free transport service?

“I didn’t. I tend not to do that because I don’t need it. I’m very able. There are people that for some reason are uncomfortable travelling on the bus or are incapacitated and can’t. I wouldn’t take that transport away from somebody that needs it to be honest.”

Do you have any further feedback for our team?

“Just my thanks for such a wonderful service. I can’t say anything else! Obviously, you worry about these things when you’re coming for the first time, I was a little bit apprehensive but there’s no reason to be. I’m really thankful, seriously, the staff are wonderful!”

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