Quality of Care

Quality of Care

We take pride in delivering the highest quality levels of service, continually, across all our hospitals. Our teams are committed to providing healthcare delivered to a high standard, following best practice guidelines and continually assessing and improving our services to deliver the best possible results to our patients.

SpaMedica is at the forefront of driving clinical standards to an excellent level. We recruit people with the best skills and experience to ensure we deliver the best care we can. We regularly review and monitor people skills and provide ongoing training to achieve high levels of performance across all teams.

We believe in providing a consistently high level of service and we regularly invite our patients to provide feedback to monitor how we’re performing. We review this feedback and create action plans to create a programme of continuous improvement.

The SpaMedica teams are encouraged to be open and honest and report any issues, no matter how minor, so we can carry out a full review and the outcomes are shared to develop best practice across all teams and sites.

Happy with outcome (First eye)

Happy with outcome (Second eye)

I would recommend SpaMedica to family/friends

“I am absolutely delighted with the way all the staff, doctors, surgeon, reception staff and nurses helped me through my cataract operation. They gave me my sight back and that is something I can't describe. Thanks to all the professionals who made this happen. My heart felt thanks to you all ”

Derek McCallister- Cataract Patient

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    Our People

    Find out more about out directors and senior managers and how we all work as a team to deliver excellent patient care.

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