How Seddons Opticians has responded to COVID-19, advice for patients, and working with SpaMedica for cataract surgery.

We have over 2,500 accredited community optometrists. This week, we had a chat with a couple of them, to find out what they’re doing to fight back against COVID-19, if they had any advice for their patients, and why they choose to work with SpaMedica for their cataract surgery referrals.

Seddons Opticians, located on Market Street in Atherton, Greater Manchester, can trace its heritage back to 1905 when it was established by Mr Skirrow and Mr Seddon.

The optical practice has been passed down as a family business, now run by Musab & Naeemunisha Patel.

Here’s what Mr & Mrs Patel had to say, in their own words.


Who makes up Seddons?

“We’re a team of four. Myself (Musab) and my wife Naeemunisha run the optician alongside Grace and Michelle.”


Are you open on Saturdays?

“Yes, we’re open every other Saturday. It’s best if patients contact us first before visiting on a Saturday. Otherwise, feel free to pop in anytime during our weekday opening times.”


How are you changing with the times?

Musab: “We’ve introduced social distancing within our practice, spacing apart our waiting areas and even converting the storeroom into a waiting room, to ensure that every one of our patients is sitting comfortably and at a safe distance.”

Naeemunisha: “We’re also taking more time with each patient to ensure that they’re fully aware of the steps and safety measures they need to follow, in order to ensure the safety of everyone.”


Can you talk us through what you’re wearing?

Musab: “Well, you can’t take too many precautions; we’re seeing our patients in full PPE. This includes gloves, apron, mask, goggles and a healthy, frequent application of hand sanitiser.”


What advice do you have for those patients reluctant to have their eye tests?

Naeemunisha: “We understand that you may feel uneasy about visiting a store on the high street, but we want you to know that we’re doing everything we can to put your safety first when you step through our doors.

Please don’t postpone your eye test. They’re a necessity and it’s your health. The longer ocular diseases take to be diagnosed, the worse the prognosis in most cases!

Furthermore, eye tests can detect various other health issues such as high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure and increased risk of stroke.”

Musab: “We’re witnessing a huge backlog in healthcare for diabetes and glaucoma patients. These are some of the ‘illnesses’ where opticians play a vital role in detecting them more quickly.”


What feedback do you have about SpaMedica?

Musab: “We love to hear great feedback from our patients. Without fail, every patient that we referred to SpaMedica has come back with amazing feedback!

Patients are in awe of receiving their NHS surgeries at SpaMedica, and are provided with the quality and level of care only usually delivered by private clinics.”

Naeemunisha: “The provision of free patient transport buses is a gift that is very much appreciated by those patients who would struggle to attend their appointments otherwise.

As opticians, we appreciate the amazing service SpaMedica provides for both its patients and community optometrists.

We appreciate the speed, from referral to first appointment, and how quickly they’re seen during their appointment. Also, the availability of multiple hospital locations means that treatment locations are flexible for speedy treatment times.”

Musab: “The speed at which SpaMedica can treat patients is encouraging for both patients and optometrists. It encourages patients to have their cataract surgery done, improving their quality of life, which, as an optical practice, is our primary objective; to help our patients achieve better visual outcomes and thus, better quality of life. Working with SpaMedica enables us to provide our patients with the best service and treatment we can.”


SpaMedica works with over 2,500 accredited optometrists across the country, to deliver the highest quality of patient care. Our community optometrist accredited partner scheme, allows for patients to receive their final check-up, post-surgery, with the local optician, with the convenience of being close to home and not have to return to the hospital.


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