Optometrists are health care specialists, trained to examine the eyes and detect defects in vision. This can include signs of injury, ocular disease or abnormalities, and problems with general health.

A detailed examination of the eyes can reveal many conditions, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, making them an important part of any healthcare routine. Optometrists are able to make health assessments, offer clinical advice and prescribe glasses and contact lenses when necessary. They can also recommend ocular surgery to remove cataracts and help with various other eye conditions.

For these reasons, SpaMedica is closely linked to the optometric community, and we rely on their expertise to assist us with our work.

We work with a large number of optometrists across the North West and operate an accreditation scheme which offers participating optometrists and their practices numerous benefits, including regular CET training and events.

If you are an optometrist who would like to become accredited with us, or attend a forthcoming CET evening, please email our Service Promotions Executive, Leanne Slotwiner, letting her know of your interest. We work with a wide selection of optometrists to ensure our patients are given the best choice in their local area, and we would love to welcome you to our scheme.