Quality Results

Quality Results

SpaMedica is very proud of the quality of our NHS services and outcomes for our patients and are happy to share our results to reassure patients that the success and safety rates of our NHS cataract surgery are some of the best in the UK.

SpaMedica is also proud to support the Royal College of Ophthalmologists (RCOphth) National Ophthalmology Database (NOD) Audit, which enables cataract providers to benchmark the performance of their surgeons against their peers nationally. This gives SpaMedica a good indicator of the high-quality surgery we are performing.

We are the only independent eye hospital group to provide NHS cataract surgery data to the RCOphth NOD Audit and our data is collated, along with data from 65%¹ of the NHS Trusts in England and Wales, and a report produced that provides key outcome indicators of surgical quality.

Visual Outcomes

96.14% of SpaMedica patients achieved visual acuity of 6/12 or better. 

6/12 is the minimum vision standard required for driving a car in the UK – this means that you can read from 6 metres what someone with standard vision could read from 12. This is half the distance, hence the 6/12 (or referred to as 0.5).

We are dedicated to growing our reach for NHS patients across the UK working with CCGs and NHS trusts to reduce waiting times for treatment, delivering the highest quality care and supporting thousands more patients to achieve better vision.

Patent Satisfaction

We always listen to our patients and value their feedback on our services. This helps us identify where we are performing well and which areas we need to improve.

  • Would you recommend SpaMedica to family/friends?99.90%
  • Are you happy with the outcome from surgery (1st eye patients)99.56%
  • Would you recommend your surgeon to family/friends?98.76%
  • I felt no pain or only mild pain during surgery99.32%
  • The surgeon had a good bedside manner99.79%

Low Complication Rates

A key indicator of quality in cataract surgery is Posterior Capsular Rupture (PCR) Rate – a complication that may occur during surgery when the capsular bag that holds the lens breaks.

We are pleased to report that SpaMedica has a current average PCR rate of 0.42%

This indicates that SpaMedica patients are 2.5 times less likely (based on the national average of 1.1%) to experience a PCR complication during cataract surgery.

Patients’ Quality of Life Feedback

We ask a sample of our patients questions before and after surgery about how having cataracts affects their quality of life; measured by their ability to perform normal, day to day tasks. The graph below shows the impact reported by our patients, showing number of patients and average Quality of Life scores from 1 (very poor quality) to 10 (excellent quality).

Quality of Life score before and after surgery (1 = very poor to 10 = excellent)

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