Safe Environments

Safe Environments

Our Safe And Clean Environments

We’ve always been meticulous about the cleanliness of our hospitals and know how important it is to have safe, clean environments for patients and staff.

In response to COVID-19, we’ve now introduced an even more thorough cleaning regime for each of our hospitals, which is carried out continuously throughout each day. This includes the cleaning of surfaces and equipment between each patient/use.

Every one of our operating theatres, at every one of our hospitals, has a state-of-the-art air filtration system in place, meaning that the air in our theatres is very clean.




You’ll see handwashing signs throughout the hospital, as well as hand sanitiser units and stations.

We’re asking all our patients and staff to wash their hands and/or use our sanitiser on entering the hospital.


Our hospitals are all COVID-secure – we don’t treat any COVID-19 patients.

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Social Distancing

Ensuring everyone’s at a safe distance, always at least 2 metres from other patients.

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Protecting Everyone

Protecting you, protecting us: PPE and other measures in place.

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COVID Patient Guide

Ensuring we continue to care for our patients, safely throughout their patient journey.

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