Our COVID-secure Hospitals

Our COVID-secure Hospitals

Our Hospitals Are All COVID-secure

All our hospitals are classified as ‘covid-secure’ hospitals; this means we have full control over who visits the hospitals (by appointment and pre-screening only) and unlike other hospitals we don’t have any COVID-19 patients, or other unwell patients in our buildings at any time.

Appointments Only/Total Control Over Visitors

There’s no risk of cross-infection or contamination from other specialities and we have complete control over everyone who enters and leaves our premises.

Screening Before Appointments

This also means that we don’t treat any patients with COVID-19, or patients with suspected COVID-19 – that’s why we’ll check with you for symptoms before entering the hospital. This also applies to our staff, who are routinely screened and checked for symptoms.

You (and all our patients) will receive a COVID-19 screening call from one of our nurses 24-48 hours before you attend the hospital to check your current health.
We’ll run through some information and medical checks with you on this call – this helps reduce the time spent in hospital at your appointment.


New, continuous cough


Loss of smell/taste


Protecting Everyone

Protecting you, protecting us: PPE and other measures in place.

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Social Distancing

Ensuring everyone’s at a safe distance, always at least 2 metres from other patients.

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Safe Environments

Additional cleaning regimes providing safe environments.

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COVID Patient Guide

Ensuring we continue to care for our patients, safely throughout their patient journey.

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