Career Development

Training and Development

We believe in providing opportunities for our people to grow, through learning and development to achieve your full potential. We know how important training and personal development is for each individual and personal development plans are built-in right from your first day with us.

Our training and development programmes include:

  • All new employees receive an individual induction programme when you join us
  • We provide training for clinical and operational changes in our processes and procedures
  • You are encouraged to take advantage of promotional opportunities which may arise, if that’s what you aspire to
  • We encourage you to acquire additional skills and qualifications, to assist you in your career with SpaMedica
  • We support our new employees to become a productive member of staff through your training plans.


We run a SpaMedica Apprenticeship Scheme, which encourages people to join us at the very start of your career and gain valuable qualifications and lifelong skills. We offer apprenticeships in healthcare and administration.

Mandatory Training

In addition to statutory training, SpaMedica has developed a comprehensive range of training which we have determined as mandatory for most of our roles. A large part of our mandatory training is delivered through e-learning and this is made available to new employees in the first week of joining us.

CPD & Mentoring

SpaMedica promotes and encourages CPD in line with your individual professional body’s requirements. This is offered in a variety of programmes, including e-learning, face-to-face training and on the job learning. CPD is fully supported by SpaMedica mentors.