Our Facilities

SpaMedica is a state-of the-art eye hospital, featuring leading technology and equipment in a clean, modern and comfortable setting.

Below are details of just some of the equipment we use to achieve outstanding visual results in our patients.

Stellaris phacoemulsifcation cataract machine

The Stellaris is the latest, most advanced ‘phaco’ machine available and allows surgeons to perform cataract surgery through incisions as small as 1.6mm.


Every patient is individual and comes to us needing an intraocular implant of precisely the right power to minimise spectacle dependence. The Lenstar biometry machine is the most advanced eye axial length and corneal curvature measurement device available. Accurate measurement translates to optimum vision post-operatively.

Leica optics

There is no better surgical ophthalmic microscope available than Leica optics. Skilled surgeons need the best optics to deliver safe surgery and at SpaMedica, we are able to deliver this.