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SpaMedica is a leading provider of NHS medical and surgical eye patient services, specialising in cataract surgery and performing more than 18,000 eye surgeries each year. Our six hospitals are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and all of our surgeons are leaders in their fields.

Our mission is simple; to provide the highest quality of care to our patients in a safe, convenient and comfortable location, and to ensure the highest levels of patient satisfaction.

We are a trusted partner of choice for both the NHS and over 1,000 opticians throughout North England.  The services we offer have waiting times of under a month; considerably shorter than the waiting times for cataract and laser eye surgeries provided by the NHS.

Cataract Specialists – UK’s leading eye surgeons

Here on our website, you will find information on the range of treatments we offer, all of which will help improve your vision and ocular health, including cataract surgery and refractive lens exchange. You can also find details of the processes used and visual outcomes for patients.

In the ‘Downloads’ section of this site, you can discover information on a range of common and rare eye conditions, and browse or download our patient information booklets . Nothing gives us greater pleasure than helping a new patient begin their journey towards perfect sight and enabling them to enjoy the things in life they have been missing. Our ‘Downloads’ section is a great starting point for any new patient on their path to clearer sight.

While the service and standard of care we offer is second to none, we are always looking for ways we can improve further. With this in mind, we gather valuable patient feedback to identify areas in which can improve or enhance the service we provide. Every patient who comes through our door is given a patient satisfaction survey; this is your chance to give an honest review of your SpaMedica experience, and we value all patient comments. We are fully compliant with the requirements of the regulatory bodies that monitor the standard of healthcare provision in the UK, including the Care Quality Commission. Plus, in recognition of the high standards we maintain as an employer, we were awarded Investors in People accreditation in 2014, which reflects the best practices in high-performance working.

If you require further assistance or would like more information on cataract surgery or any of our other corrective sight procedures, please feel free to contact us via our online contact form, by email or by phone. Our friendly team will be more than happy to help answer your questions.

We look forward to meeting you and giving you the gift of clearer sight.